Neuronto DeepL WordPress Plugin

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Private License — 1 Domain

Automatically translate all your WordPress Posts, Custom Posts, Pages, WooCommerce Products and Elementor with just 1 Click! Generate new Content using revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • Pages & Posts
  • Automated translation — ALL Content with just 1 Click
  • Language Switcher — Easy integration with Shortcode [wp-custom-translate]
  • User’s Language Detection — Redirect users to their language on first visit
  • SEO Friendly URL’s:—
  • Advanced Caching of words that have already been translated — this saves the API costs by using them without connecting to DeepL.

This plugin requires an active DeepL subscription with access to the API (for developers).
We recommend you to run the Plugin on the latest PHP 7.4 version!


79 reviews for Neuronto DeepL WordPress Plugin

  1. Klaus

    ich habe über 100 posts mit dem plugin übersetzt, leider haben ein paar übersetzungen gefehlt. sonst bin ich zufrieden.

  2. alberto

    Wow, that’s fucking awesome. I’ve translated all my news articles quickly into Italian and my visitors leave positive comments. Thankss!!

  3. Flooow

    works like a charm – tested on latest wordpress 5.0.1

  4. Vlad

    I’ve rarely seen better results – I’ve localized my product descriptions and don’t even have to correct them because they are so perfect! Please add Russian language!

  5. Luuk

    Eindelijk kunt u Pagina’s vertalen….. Ik ben erg nieuwsgierig

  6. hans

    etwas langsam , wann kommt das neue update??

  7. bitrix

    hello i bought your plugin it works but need help.pls contact me urgently

  8. alex


  9. insiderbi

    automated the translation for all my pages 🙂 great tool thanks

  10. carblogger

    sehr gut. macht was es soll.

  11. alexandre

    excellent produit

  12. pedro

    PLEASE respond to my mail!!!
    works fine but i need more languages!!!!

  13. SEOsmm

    it’s not a joke….my website is now available in 9 languages, i get visitors from different countries and google lists me now also in germany lol

  14. MARCO

    Muy buenas traducciones. Pero también quiero dejar que mi tienda de comercio electrónico se traduzca, ¿es posible?

  15. andreas

    sehr gut, allerdings hab ich den falschen schlüssel eingetragen (deepl pro). man braucht “api developers plan” tarif, um neuronto nutzen zu können. hab’s mir dann um €5 geholt.

  16. stev77

    need help with pages pls contact

  17. seo_magic

    Ausgezeichnet danke!

  18. gamer_war

    Great product! It helped me to localize my Gaming Blog, now I started to get new visitors from Germany and Switzerland. thanks neuronto team

  19. alvaro91

    traducciones muy buenas

  20. Alan

    I had some problems translating 10k+ of pages (maybe it’s because of my slow server), but it’s fine if you have 100-1000’s pages/posts or you can limit them to a specific category only.. btw some ecommerce integrations would be nice

  21. Michal

    I wish there would be more options for customization!

  22. flores

    worked for me!
    I generated spanish, italian and portuguese content, cool! 🙂 🙂

  23. lucien

    Tout s’est parfaitement bien passé, merci.

  24. rob

    cool, api key worked

  25. preisvergleich

    Issues fixed. Thanks 🙂

  26. Hans

    Neuronto Plugin is a interesting Tool !! automated pages and posts translation, but i don’t know how to translate the ecommerce pages? in combination with the deepl api developer plan ($5) it’s rather) inexpensive for such a high translation quality. the rankings at seo have definitely improved. just wait for google updates 🙂

  27. John K.

    The idea and the concept as well as the final product are good. I never thought before that I could simply generate multilingual versions of my website automatically. Of course DeepL is not perfect (it’s not a human translation), but the quality is still extremely high, the international website visitors are reading my posts now.

  28. pabl

    thanks for helping, it works on my WP and supports gutenberg editor. in general I would say amazing software – programa increíble !

  29. abraham

    Très bonne qualité (de l’anglais vers le français), je voudrais traduire avec Neuronto aussi en allemand.

  30. Johann M.

    Sehr gut! Nur der Support für WooCoomerce fehlt! Sonst echt Top.

  31. ALvaro

    Excellent plugin I use it to translate all my spanish Posts into English. I like that the formatting and images remain the same in the post, you don’t need to make any changes once the content is translated. Now the URL structure is also translated automaticlly and I’m waiting for the first SEO results.;))

  32. Ernst

    The plugin didn’t want to start after several attempts. But resetting the DeepL Translator API / and resetting the plugin (with Neuronto Settings -> restore default settings) helped and it is working again. Thanks.

  33. kate

    cool tool, works for me 🙂

  34. Piotr

    WAY better than all other plugins on the Market !!!
    You just need to add ecommerce and language-flags so that visitors can choose between language (btw there are plugins doing that, but would be cool if neuronto could make it)

  35. hmz15

    I needed to reset after installation. any plans for arabic languages?

  36. ds

    God, please alive!

    Why you let us waiting so long time without any update?

  37. fintechblog

    good choice if you need to quickly create a couple of multilingual versions of your content which will be superb quality. if you ever used DeepL you know what I’m speaking about.

  38. Simone Janson

    I just sent an eMail to find out: Does this Plugin only translate posts and pages?
    Thanks for your answer.

  39. Jared

    checked my generated content with copyscpae/plagiarism tools and the content is Unique and perfect for SEO wow!

  40. Ben

    Nicht schlecht, die meisten Inhalte wurden übersetzt.
    Werde euch natürlich bei Indiegogo supporten


  41. deeplfreak

    Simple, good plugin!

  42. Klaus Müller

    Wir haben Neuronto Plug-In firmenintern verwendet. Bis jetzt hat alles gepasst und haben Neuronto Unlimited gekauft.

  43. dating18

    not bad – we are waiting for a new version

  44. pAgency

    Ich will es auf Webseiten meiner Kunden installieren. Brauch ich da eine Agency Lizenz oder eine andere? Bitte um Antwort!

  45. Eric

    ¿Puedo instalar esto en un simple alojamiento web?

  46. synthesizer

    perfect. but could be cheaper.

  47. Michi

    Kann ich auch bestimmte buttons übersetzen?

  48. reids


  49. Koch Andreas

    Für die Pages (habe aktuell so ca.20 Seiten) war’s ganz in Ordnung, allerdings hab noch kleine Korrekturen machen müssen. Z.B. ein Paar Beistriche im Titel, die Bilder titles werden ja auch übersetzt.

  50. H.S.

    wie aktiviert man das plug-in im back-end?

  51. rardron

    hi 🙂 bross 🙂

  52. Fabio

    Direi che il Plugin ha funzionato bene

  53. André

    La qualité des textes est impressionnante. Cependant, je changerais une fonction dans le plugin. Je ne veux traduire qu’une seule catégorie.

  54. Belgium Ag

    Perfect choice if you need a simple (but powerful) tool to translate your posts in wordpress.

  55. Mario

    muy buena calidad

  56. karl

    Manchmal hat man einfach keine Lust, sich die Texte manuell zu kopieren, des Tool automatisiert es. Wieso macht ihr das auch nicht für widgets??

  57. sizzling hot

    so I’ve managed to get 230 pages translated! finally. but now I wonder how to faster index them in search engines –

  58. sensortec

    can I get a free review ? thanks !

  59. antonio

    Gracias support team, funciona de nuevo

  60. rardron

    i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

  61. Paul

    Mit WPLM kompatibel ?

  62. Alex

    Coupon works 🙂

  63. SyncIP

    Great soft, but you need to add some Menu-translations, maybe also support for other custom elements from 3rd party plugins.

  64. jason mitt

    Software plug-in is not bad, but the Deepl quality is most impressive! greetings from US! 🙂 🙂

  65. Michael Becker

    Hab Neuronto im Blog installiert, um die Post-Beiträge automatisch zu übersetzen. Die meisten davon sind korrekt übersetzt, manchmal werden bestimmte Wörter mit % oder &-Zeichen generiert, allerdings kommt das zum Glück nicht so oft vor.

  66. Jonas

    Hat alles bestens geklappt, danke fürs support.

  67. herb21

    Thx for the discount !!

  68. Agnieszka

    It’s not bad. It helps to quickly create many localized language versions of posts automatically. I wanted to give the search engines “an extra push”, now I’m waiting for the results.

  69. andi

    Perfekt, ziemlich schnell

  70. Hrley

    Awesome Tool, you need the newest PHP then it works as described

  71. Robert G

    Great work. Can confirm, it works with latest PHP version installed. KR Rob

  72. rand-om

    I chose the wrong deepl tariff first, you need the deepl api plan. Otherwise only error messages will appear. After choosing the right tariff, it starts to work.

  73. Amber

    not bad in general, but can you support translation of less popular plugins?

  74. BreaKer

    würde mich freuen wenn divi auch unterstützt wird!

  75. James W

    good, business license purchased

  76. marek

    Dziękuję za odpowiedzi na moje pytania. marek

  77. schmidt

    sehr guter preis

  78. Philipp (verified owner)

    Super Plugin. Sehr zufrieden!!

  79. leena

    Is there a way I could see the screenshot of how the “language switcher” looks like?

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